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SeeAre gives Fair & United Coronavirus Circular Support

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

"The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear." - Nelson Mandela

Globally, individuals and organisations are feeling confined, restricted, limited in these challenging times.

Even if individually and collectively, we don’t say it out loud with confidence or solely to entrusted people and/or to prepare for worse announcements to come, we are experiencing fear as the situation changes rapidly on daily basis.

SeeAre is no stranger to that feeling. Neither the team members nor myself as its founder. For the past two months, we have been relentlessly working to adapt our business model in a way that will allow us to survive through the Coronavirus storm. It is no secret that coaching and leadership development is not a priority for most people and businesses at the moment. Everyone is on survival mode and these services are perceived as non-essential right now.

Of course, we would be tempted to state it is exactly NOW that we are needed the most. When people and leaders are facing an unprecedented situation, it is THE moment to be surrounded by people who have the capability to help identify blind spots, think outside mental frameworks and/or ensure decisions leading to actions are not entirely emotional or fear-based.

Truth be told, we know it won’t matter much what we think to most people, and we understand. Limited resources and a need for self-protection during this global crisis is a valid choice. There can't be blame for wanting to survive.

Even though history cannot provide all the answers to the problem at hand, it is still a very valuable source for inspiration. And that is exactly what we did. We looked for people who were confined, restricted, limited and surrounded by a threatening environment in the past to get some clarity in these uncertain times.

How did people like Nelson Mandela, Anne Frank and Winston Churchill think? How did they make a difference? Which internal resource did they tap into to become a role model for times to come?

First, we found the quote of Nelson Mandela stated above. Even though he talks about a concept known to most of us, because HE said it, we feel his words aren’t just an echo of hope. They are his truth, a belief he lived and died by.

Then we found Anne Frank’s words:

No one has ever become poor by giving.” - Anne Frank's Diary

And lastly, we found this :

What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone?” – Winston Churchill

As the situation changes rapidly, it is hard to know what will happen in a week, a month, a year. We realize that at the present moment what matters is how SeeAre’s business life is and will be during that time. That is how the reason for SeeAre’s existence came alive again:

We know the world is unpredictable right now and we know the resources are limited. We are in the same boat. All of us. So we stand ready to adapt ourselves to the current and specific needs of our client.

And this is how we came up with the Fair & United Coronavirus Circular Support.


Who can benefit from it?

Everyone. Everywhere. Be it an individual or an organisation.

What support do we get?

One coaching and/or mentoring session of 60 minutes per designated individual with an unlimited follow-up via WhatsApp/emails during two weeks after the session. One can apply as many times as you need during the Coronavirus crisis.

What will the coaching and/or mentoring be about?

It depends on what your needs are at the moment, like

- Revisiting the business strategy of your company or department

- Managing remote workers

- Addressing the team’s morale

- Staff retention

- Redefining the expectations/deliverables as a leader in times of global crisis

- Aligning priorities of stakeholders

- Finding alternate solutions for cash-flow challenges

- Sense of helplessness (personal or professional)

- Sense of overwhelm during isolation

- Fear of retrenchment and/or financial insecurity,

- Finding a job in an unfavourable market

- Health concerns for self, family or co-workers

- …

We have a selection of competent coaches and you will be matched with one based on your specific situation. SeeAre and the coach will support you in identifying what can be expected as an outcome for your session, depending on what you choose as a topic.

How much will it cost?

You tell us!

Due to the global impact of the situation, we cannot have a one size fits all strategy when it comes to deciding on an amount.

Our intention is to provide support to as many as we can right now. Hence, we will ask you to suggest what seems like a fair amount for you, and for us.

The aim is to create a Circular Support System in which all parties gain from the exchange. On our front, we commit to finding the most adequate coach for the situation you are facing. Each case will be assessed individually to ensure that the support system is truly circular and provides the best possible outcomes FOR ALL OF US.

How will the session be conducted?

All the sessions will be conducted online via audio/video conference once the agreed exchange has been settled and paid for (online payment or received wire transfer).

I am interested, what now?


We are excited to hear from you. Just click on this link HERE to fill out the application form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. As simple as that!


Whether you choose to join us on this incredible journey or not, we thank you and wish you well. Should you know someone who could use some support, share this option with him/her.

Because no matter how things are for you at the moment, helping someone is always an instant way to feel better.

Reach out and stay healthy - physically, emotionally and mentally.

Yours truly, Carina ROGERIO and the SeeAre team

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