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Experience our human-centric approach in business through dedicated events. 

We have two different formats which can suit your needs : 

  • SeeAre Insight Out - Uncover, Engage, Thrive:  monthly online sessions with panellists

  • SeeAre Insight In: private 1-to-1 sessions with our Founder Carina Rogerio

All details are below.

SeeAre Insight Out

SeeAre Insight Out - Panel session hosted by Carina Rogerio

This is an Online event

A 1-hour panel session during which Carina Rogerio and industry experts discuss about a specific theme.

April 4th 2024 - 6pm SG time

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SeeAre Insight In

SeeAre Insight In - A 1-to-1 conversation with Carina Rogerio

This is an Online event

45 minutes in an online private setting to delve into current challenges or engage in a candid conversation with a seasoned professional

Upon registration

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