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Some of our workshops are now also open to the public. 


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We intrinsically believe knowledge and experience, when not shared, have limited value.


In ever-changing environments filled with increasing uncertainties, people look up to leaders, whose role has become increasingly complex. It requires swift capability and agility in handling today's challenges.


Sharing our knowledge, expertise and experience is part of our mission to enable change by creating a ripple effect to the benefit of leaders and their people.​

We have many other different workshops available. You can access them by filtering either by level or by workshop theme.

Building your brand

Personal Branding


During this interactive workshop, we will work on defining your own Brand.
Why does it matter? Your Brand carries who you are and what makes you so special. It is your Unique Value Proposition. Knowing your brand helps you clearly express what you stand for, grow your confidence and advance your career.

Through individual and group exercises, we will explore the 6 core components of your Brand, get you to build your unique Brand pitch and practice it so it really reflects who you are. At the end of the workshop, you will have your unique Brand pitch ready to use. Get ready to increase your ability to get noticed and remembered…


All levels, Personal Branding

Strengthen your Sales Team

Business Development & Sales Excellence


A comprehensive and holistic series of sales capability development programs that enable revenue generators to accelerate revenue performance.
There are different programs that serve both salespeople and sales leaders covering:
For Salespeople
-Sales fundamentals
-Demand generation
-Client engagement
-Enterprise selling strategies
-Key account management
For Sales leaders
-Performance mindset
-Coaching for managers
-Sales funnel management
-Sales transformation
-Leading sales teams

Program Details
These programs been created by our Sales Excellence Consultant Mark Wills and have created double digit increases in sales performance to both salespeople and team leaders.
These programs consist of :
1) Pre-work: the team is invited to extract data and metrics from their current activities on which the frameworks will be applied to
2) Training: download of frameworks which will be the common foundation to build on the team’s High Performance
3) Regular Follow-up Sessions: help teams apply the learning and frameworks consistently in their everyday working practice.


Managers, Business Development & Sales Excellence

Strategic Account Planning leading to Sales Excellence : a modular step-by-step approach

Business Development & Sales Excellence


These are 3 workshops in a specific sequence

1. Make Strategic Account Planning A Competitive Advantage

When 50% of your revenue comes from just 5% of customer relationships; losing a key strategic relationship can have far reaching implications.
Protecting and growing key relationships is a strategic necessity for businesses today. Learn how to develop account-based relationship management strategies to advance the perceptions of your key stakeholders and elevate average revenue per account.

2. Become A Strategic Seller And Increase Your Win Rates

The world of B-to-B selling is complex. To improve win rates and increase the probability of success, sellers must be more strategic in their approach. Sell strategically and use a proven framework to analyse, strategize and pursue B-B selling situations. Learn how to develop sales strategies that allowyou to access senior access decision-makers and, move deals to a successful conclusion; more of the time.

3. How Organisations Transform Sales Performance

Organisations that undertake successful sales transformation see quantum increases in revenue performance. Like any organisational initiative, it has its risks and if unsuccessful, the organisation never goes back to the place it was beforehand. Success requires a commitment to best practice and an understanding of how to shift behaviours that endure over time. Learn best practices and a formula that will help elevate organsiational sales performance to the next level.


All levels, Business Development & Sales Excellence

Assertiveness Skills for Managers

Executive Presence & Influence Skills


In this 90-minute interactive workshop, you will learn to apply assertive communication skills in your daily communication at work.
Anyone, regardless of personality types, can learn to be more assertive by applying proven communication frameworks.

What’s more, you don’t have to be a natural extrovert or someone who loves to talk to start using these assertive communication techniques.
Learn how to identify what’s at stake for you and the other party, how to communicate your thoughts professionally and how to say no without burning the bridge.

You will also get a chance to practice your assertiveness skills via role-plays during the workshop


Executive Presence & Influence Skills, Managers, Leadership

Power dynamics in organisations / influence

Executive Presence & Influence Skills


Power dynamics play a significant role in shaping workplace relationships, communication, and decision-making processes. This interactive 120-minute workshop aims to provide all employees with a comprehensive understanding of power dynamics and their impact on organizational effectiveness.
Participants will understand the concept of power dynamics and its various sources in the workplace, recognize the positive and negative effects of power dynamics on communication, collaboration, and decision-making processes, develop practical strategies and techniques for navigating power dynamics, fostering constructive and balanced relationships within the organization and cultivate personal power attributes to enhance influence, communication, and overall effectiveness in the workplace.
Throughout the workshop, participants will engage in interactive activities, group discussions, and reflective exercises designed to deepen their understanding of power dynamics and enhance their ability to navigate them effectively in the workplace. The workshop's practical and inclusive approach will empower employees to contribute positively to their organization's culture and success, regardless of their role or position.


All levels, Executive Presence & Influence Skills

Coaching skills for Managers



During this 90 minutes interactive workshop, we will help you to identify and practice coaching skills.

Coaching skills are an essential part of any manager’s toolkit. They help to develop quality relationships with your team, promote an action-based approach to dealing with challenges and encourage reflection and growth for long term development.

Coaching is the quickest, most effective and sustainable method of developing members of staff.

Join us for this workshop, and learn how to develop your coaching skills.


Leadership, Managers, Communication and presentation skills, Team and People Management

Value-based leadership: how to show up when situations are difficult



In today's complex and rapidly changing business landscape, leaders must navigate difficult situations with integrity, resilience, and empathy. This interactive 120-minute workshop will guide managers through the process of developing and embracing a value-based leadership style that empowers them to show up and make a positive impact even when facing challenging circumstances.
Participants will understand the concept of value-based leadership and its importance in today's dynamic business environment, identify and articulate personal values clearly and confidently and learn how to align them with organizational goals, explore practical strategies for demonstrating courage, empathy, and resilience when facing challenging situations, develop effective communication skills to navigate difficult conversations and maintain team morale and learn how to inspire and empower team members to stay aligned, engaged, and committed during tough times.


All levels, Leadership, Conflict Management

Problem solving skills

Strategic Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills


In this 90-minute interactive workshop, you will learn to apply a structured problem-solving model to identify the real problem, find the root cause, create a solution, and see through its implementation sustainably.
You will also learn the value of applying divergent and convergent thinking when problem solving, and participate in an actual problem-solving process as part of the hands-on learning nature of this workshop.


All levels, Strategic thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

Conflict Resolution Skills for Managers

Conflict Management


In this 90-minute interactive workshop, you will learn how to apply a win-win conflict resolution model that empowers you to facilitate a solution with the other party.
Conflicts are an integral part of the workplace and when handled effectively, it can result in stronger trust and creative solutions to work problems.

Learn how to frame a conflict correctly, invite the other person to partner with you, generate creative solutions and get buy-in to implement them.


Conflict Management, Managers, Leadership

Engaging your employees to take steps in the sustainability journey



Buidling sustainable practices in organization is a must to help change mindsets and take meaningful and impactful actions,. How to engage your employees to take on sustainable initiatives to help reach a carbon-neutral society?This workshop helps participants to understand and use some frameworks that can help to unleash long lasting behavior change.


Leadership, Managers, Team and People Management

Improving your communication style

Communication and Presentation Skills


How to develop your Executive communication style? From the moment you enter that - sometimes virtual - room, your style speaks for you.

During this workshop, we focus on non verbal and verbal communications that help to align your communication style to your values for a greater impact as a leader.

We also share tips and examples on how to manage difficult situations and reframe them for your and others' success!


All levels, Communication and presentation skills

Building Resiliency to Stress

Team and People Management


The role of the manager is a highly stressful one. Therefore, one needs to build resiliency to handle stress in order to thrive in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment.

In this 90-minute interactive workshop, you will explore your own stress triggers and ways to deal with them. In addition, you will also learn how to tap into your own inner strength and resourcefulness.

By the end of this session, you will have gained instant techniques to overcome your stress that you can use at any time.


All levels, Team and People Management



“ Following a workshop on Business Development, I now have a better understanding of the areas where I need to focus more. I now have a clear action plan (short-term and long-term).  ” 

Business Development Manager, Logistics Company

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