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SeeAre is a boutique leadership and management consulting firm offering services such as executive coaching, leadership advisory, consulting and conflict management.


With a presence in Singapore and Luxembourg, we have successfully served clients across the world.


We take great pride in our diverse team, comprised of professionals from various industries and corporate backgrounds. This diversity enables us to offer a wide array of services to our esteemed clients, empowering them to embrace change, achieve sustainable growth, and optimize performance by focusing on the human factors at play. 

SeeAre's stand is that there is no one-fits-all way to work with our clients; it is about us adapting our ways to our client's needs and situationsTherefore we have and keep adopting a variety of approaches to continuously offer bespoke solutions.


We emphasize the importance of 'being'(s) alongside actions to unlock our clients’ full potential, fostering self-awareness, growth, and collective success. Without “being”(s), no matter how well designed, any initiative has the potential to fail.


We are your partner to enable change.

From Seeing to Being.

Enabling you to see and are.

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SeeAre was founded on the verified belief that diverse perspectives, experiences and skill sets facilitate an eagle-eye approach to any goal. It is about understanding and seeing the big picture of the whole and its components - such as the people involved - to better decide on the appropriate strategy. 

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Meet our team from diverse backgrounds who share similar values and standards.

A well-rounded approach is often the result of different perspectives, which then becomes the bridge between what is and what can be.



No doubt that the world is and will be facing big challenges due to the accelerated speed of change. Opportunities to rise to the occasion shall equally be seized.

In such times, it is important for us to offer a helping hand as part of solving issues through collective effort and support. 


" Coaching helped me go the extra mile and get out of my comfort zone so as to further develop my leadership skills "

Managing Director, Trust & Corporate Management Company.

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