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Lynette HAR

Associate Coach

Lynette has more than 20 years of global industry experience to some notable Fortune 500 companies across the Oil & Gas, IT and Telecommunications, and more, while being in various roles such as market research, operations, marketing, business development and client servicing.

Now as a coach, she made it her mission to help working professionals achieve greater success with increased clarity to make better work and life choices. ​She empowers her clients to achieve their goals and dreams in both their professional and personal lives and she achieves great results with her clients in the areas of effective communication, team engagement, personal branding, Diversity, Equality & Inclusion (DEI). 

Clients have reported increased productivity both at work and home, improved communication, team cohesiveness and endearing relationships. They see hope when there was none and new possibilities. Her stand for her clients is to make them see new perspectives to unlock mental doors which were holding them back. 

Languages: English, Mandarin & Cantonese

Lynette HAR
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