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Business Coordinator

Insaf is the epitome of adaptability.  Born and raised in Paris, with Tunisian family background, Insaf now lives in Portugal. Juggling cultural differences became an art she had to learn since her childhood and which she masters perfectly.  

This became the first but definitely not the last building block of her adaptability skills. She studied International Trade during her Master's degree, yet she challenged herself in different sectors to widen her worldview by taking on diversified professional projects:  

  • development of a luxury brand,

  • taking the lead in a well-renowned association in Paris

  • working in human resources at the state level for France, among many others.

Her motto is that everyone and everything can be managed with hard work and a yes-attitude, amplified by her contagious smile. She is the person you can count on for encouragement and for looking at (and finding) solutions.

For all the reasons above and many more that aren't mentioned here, she is our SeeAre Business Coordinator. 

Languages: French, English, Arabic, Portuguese.

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