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Associate Coach & Leadership Consultant

With a robust background in Finance, Consulting, Project Management, and Leadership Development, Florie has honed her expertise over 15 years of working in dynamic multinational companies and start-ups across Paris, Sydney, Singapore, and London.

Through her diverse experiences, Florie has gained a deep understanding of the challenges that arise from navigating diverse cultures and working styles. Her former career as a business consultant has provided her with valuable corporate and business insights, which prove invaluable in supporting her clients on their professional and leadership journeys.

Florie's expertise lies in Inclusive Leadership, Intercultural Communication, and Gender Diversity. She leverages these skills to curate exceptional Leadership Programs for clients in Asia and Europe, as well as in her coaching role as an ICF certified coach.

As a consultant and group facilitator, Florie encourages teams to cultivate environments that prioritize knowledge sharing and experiential learning. She expertly leads group discussions and interactive exercises designed to deepen understanding and enhance collaboration among team members.

But what truly sets Florie apart is her empathetic nature, which creates a safe space for her clients to adopt new perspectives, challenge assumptions, and embrace change. With Florie by their side, individuals and teams can confidently navigate the complexities of leadership, unlocking their full potential and achieving remarkable success. 

Languages: English, French

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