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Resistance to change in the business world - what is it really about?

It might feel counter-intuitive to apply Buddhist principles in business, especially for a western approach minded person. However, knowing that Buddhists consider Buddhism a life philosophy rather than a religion, it would certainly be a right gateway to go outside one’s comfort zone and gain a totally different perspective. Having now set the context, consider this:

”Change is never painful. Only resistance to change is painful.” - Buddha

Now, look into your situation. How is the above statement and how is it not explaining your, your team’s and/or your organisation’s relationship with change?

Everyone knows it: change is unavoidable in life, including if not even more so in business life. In today’s work context, people are expected to adapt or adjust within a very limited time to the environment which keeps evolving. Just think about digitalization, offshoring, globalisation etc.

Therefore, what is your resistance to change truly about?

If you are bold enough to look deep into the resistance, you will be able to address it and your inner barrier will be lifted at its root. Then you can embrace your professional change.


Kim Chea is an Associate Coach at SeeAre Pte Ltd. His attraction for international environments started in his early years. Born to a Chinese descent family living in Cambodia, he moved to Europe, studied in Toronto and Beijing, worked in Paris before coming to Singapore in 2012. ​While exploring the outer world, Kim delved into the internal world of people as well. This led him to successfully become an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) as per ICF standards. Kim has the ability to support his clients in their understanding of the experienced challenge and help them design their own creative and optimum solutions. 

To learn more about Kim or SeeAre, visit

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