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2019... Make it the year of possibilities

As an avid reader and a mother to three young kids, I have always enjoyed reading children’s books.

They always deliver the most profound wisdom in the simplest of ways. The other day while reading

“Alice in Wonderland”, I came across this gem:

Sometimes, I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

With all the recent emphasis on stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging limit beliefs, I

have personally found this statement to be the most effective one. This simple phrase signifies

courage, imagination, fearlessness, conviction and mostly, self-belief.

We must realize that the only thing that stands between us and our target (whatever it might be) is

us. We focus so much on external factors and everything that could possibly go wrong that we stop

thinking big and then all it takes is one little hurdle for us to lose sight of our higher vision.

So while you are (re)thinking of your new year resolutions, I would invite you to believe in the impossible before you embark on setting your goals. Believe big, think out of the box, be fearless, act bold and see where your wonderland takes you in 2019!


Fizza Rizvi is an Associate Coach at SeeAre Pte Ltd. She came across coaching in 2014, which propelled her ability to handle tricky situations: be it cross-functional, multicultural situations or differences in values and/or mindsets. She is a living advocate for lifelong learning and added a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) certificate to her set of tools. Fizza stands for challenging the status quo in order to become the best version of oneself. To learn more about Fizza or SeeAre, visit

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