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Associate Coach & Leadership Consultant

24 years ago, Akiyo's global journey took her from Japan to Canada, China, Hong Kong, and now Singapore. In her work with multinational organisations from various industries (such as travel, finance, banking, and IT), her major strengths are bridging East and West and blending heritage with a global perspective. Akiyo excels in navigating cross-border relationships and diverse organisational cultures and offers deep insights into leadership and communication styles.

A serendipitous coaching conversation in Hong Kong redirected her then-corporate path towards coaching in 2010.  Akiyo’s coaching background is in Brain-Based Coaching Systems, rooted in contemporary neuroscience and positive psychology, which works well for time-strapped professionals. Another tool she excels in is cultural storytelling, which enhances learning and mental processes, particularly among diverse management teams.

Akiyo has coached Fortune 500 leaders in over 30 cities and across 20 countries. Besides coaching, her expertise extends to leadership development, design thinking, and supporting clients and teams through tangible ideation. Her work in cultural diversity and remote team management is sought after as she leverages her work via the use of value systems and human-centred communication.

Akiyo's approach is anchored in simplicity and authenticity, manifested in genuine conversations as catalysts for profound transformation.

Languages: English, Japanese, Mandarin.  

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