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How to improve Your Presentation Skills

Here is an extract of Carina Rogerio's contribution to an article with 27 experts sharing their tips for your next best presentation.

While preparing a presentation, a person will sometimes focus on :

  • Content - What is my level of expertise in the field and how can I share it?

  • Compensation of weaknesses - What is missing or what is it that I need to watch out for?

Looking closely, this approach is not very empowering. The presentation is set up as if you are justifying why you get to talk about it. These questions are not wrong but they should not be the focus to start with. Instead, you could ask yourself the following:

  • Whom am I talking to? - Identify the audience and what they seek out of the given presentation. On the same topic, the expectations of a board of directors or a team meeting are different.

  • Depending on who they are, how can my presentation add value to them?

Being asked to do a presentation means you are deemed to be able to provide input to the audience. Trying to download all your expertise in the area is often not the best way. Focus on the audience and find what is relevant to that specific audience. Once identified, you build the content around it and then pinpoint what to watch out for.

To access the full article with the input of the 27 experts, simply click here.

Carina Rogerio is the Managing Director and Founder of SeeAre. She became Partner and Head of the French Desk in an international law firm in less than 5 years, during which she got certified and accredited as Mediator and Executive Coach. Carina made it part of her professional journey to pass forward, encompass the thirst for lifelong learning and the thrill of challenging the existing for the pursuit of betterment in all that is. She is now an advocate of nourishing a curious mind.

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