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Associate Coach

Kim has more than 15 years of experience in the Financial IT industry covering Europe and Asia Pacific. This multinational experience has helped him emerge as a specialist in managing diverse departments, countries and cultures. 


His attraction to international environments started in his early years. Born to a Chinese descent family living in Cambodia, he moved to Europe due to the existing conflicts and grew up in France. After pursuing his studies in Toronto and Beijing, he returned to Paris for work. Soon after, his thirst for world exploration coupled with work opportunity led him to Singapore in 2012. ​


While continuing to explore the outer world, Kim delved into the internal world of people as well. This led him to successfully complete his training in coaching and he became an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) as per ICF standards. 


Kim has the ability to utilize all his experiences to encompass openness and flexibility in mind and actions. He will support his clients in their understanding of the experienced challenge and help them design their own creative and optimum solutions. 


Kim knows how to open your eyes to see the world, both internal and external so that you can see everything that is possible through you. 

Languages: English, French

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