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Susan Tay, Founding Partner - OTP Law Corporation

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Training & Workshops

I have enjoyed the session tremendously. Well worth the 3 hours. The participants are truly wonderful and cared for.

"Unleashing the Lawpreneur" Workshop with FLIPbySAL



Johnson Seow, Project Engineer - Boustead Group

It was a fun and fruitful session with my colleagues to explore communication in depth. Never thought the skills to communicate are so profound. I have learnt a lot and definitely will put the knowledge into good use!

 Two Days Training on "Communicating For Success" in collaboration with Organisation Development Concepts

Great workshop to understand the politician in each of us better but as well to make our communication more effective

"How to deal with Office Politics - The Gossiper, The Arguer & The Manipulator" workshop in collaboration with Executive Coach International

Susan Tay, Founding Partner - OTP Law Corporation

Jutta Werner, Asia Head of Strategic Partners  - Refinitiv

Vincent Saule, Directeur associé et Cofondateur - Mazars Alter & Go 

Expérience très pédagogique adaptée à tous publics et dont tout manager devrait pouvoir maîtriser.  

Formation Profilage au sein de Alter&Go - Groupe Mazars



Colin Robertson, Knowledge Network Expert - UN Harmony with Nature

Un atelier qui fait apprendre.  

Atelier Profilage à Luxembourg-Ville



Marcel Barros, Trainer & Speaker

- Luxembourg Energy Agency

Carina m'a impressionné par son charisme et son habilité à déceler les différents types de caractères. 

Atelier Profilage à Luxembourg-Ville



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