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Janice CHUA

Senior Coach & Consultant

Looking at Janice’s journey immediately gives the right impression of who she is at her core: born in Singapore, she lived for a total of 19 years in the US, of which she spent 12+ years working at a Silicon Valley Bank in loans and operations before deciding to become the owner of Bitter+Sweet, a café business in California, which she managed for over 6 years, before passing it on to her long-time employee. 

Stepping into unknown grounds is something she welcomes, well knowing it comes with its fair share of challenges. She learned to make the unknown part of her growing process.  

During her time as a café owner and manager, she realized her people management skills could use an upgrade and she opted to hone her skills. She started her coaching training back in Singapore and is now a Professional Certified Coach (PCC level) within the International Coach Federation. She is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with the Co-Active Training Institute.  

Her “never-say-die” attitude comes from her belief that anyone can maximise their potential if heart and mind are put to it.  As a coach, she aims to spark fire in people such that they can live a life they chose and crafted; it is about enabling them to write their own narrative and stories. To do so, Janice knows the right balance between championing and challenging her clients to step out of their comfort zone and move assertively towards their goals. 

Languages: English, Mandarin

Janice CHUA
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