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Associate Coach

Fizza holds an MBA and 5 years cross-functional managerial experience in a multinational organization. She has comprehensive exposure to brand management, business excellence and project management. During her corporate career, Fizza was chosen as a high potential manager and was hand-picked for various change management and business transformation projects.


Adapting to new situations, challenges and environments is part of her daily life. She has lived in Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore and now Australia and was successfully able to manage the transition for herself and her family each time.


Fizza is a living advocate for lifelong learning; while raising her 3 young kids, she got trained and accredited as an ICF coach as well as a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner. During her training as a coach, the training company - Executive Coach International - invited her to join the internal team of coaches passing the highly selective tests for doing so. She also passed her ICF exam with the highest score in her batch of coaches.


Fizza partners with her clients and encourages them to challenge the status quo in order to become the best version of themselves. She has successfully coached a diverse clientele ranging from corporate executives, entrepreneurs and ambitious artists.  Languages: English, Urdu and Hindi

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