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SeeAre Initiatives
From Seeing to Supporting

The world as we know it has changed tremendously over the last couple of years. First, a global pandemic shook the world and threw individuals and businesses in a deep pit of uncertainty and turbulence. As we were getting back on our feet and started adapting to the new world order, political fragility, economic volatility and the recent Russian-Ukraine war has added another shade of instability and increased challenges for everyone around the world


We, at SeeAre, are no exception to this situation. We have been persistently adapting to our clients’ and businesses’ needs to support them the best way possible during these very unusual times. We understand that especially now, everyone needs someone who can help them with the overwhelm, identify blindspots, think out of the box, navigate change and find ways to come through together. We draw inspiration from leaders like Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill who soldiered on despite facing harsh challenges in their lives, and redefined what courage and resilience really means. 


We decided to go one step further. If there is one positive that we can take away from these times, it's the amplified significance of our why, which has come alive with a greater intensity. 


“Our stand is that our clients are not to be convinced by the relevance of our services; it is about us adapting our ways to our client's needs and situations. This is the SeeAre Way.”


And this is why we are going beyond “seeing” to “supporting” and extending a helping hand to our community in the form of the following initiatives.

SeeAre Coronavirus Initiative

Since the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic, we committed to support individuals and organizations until the pandemic is over. 


Surgical Mask

To find out more on how to get support for Coronavirus related challenges, click below. 




The future of humanity cannot rely on war. Unfortunately, our world still experiences wars, in various regions of the world. 

We are committed in fighting war by supporting its victims, wherever they are.

Kids for Peace

To find out more on how to get support under this Peace Initiative for directly or indirectly war related challenges, click below. 

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