SeeAre Peace Initiative

Below you will find an explanation about the SeeAre Peace Initiative. However, if you are familiar with it and wish to apply straight away, you can do so by clicking directly below.  

Image by Clay Banks

War, regardless of its geographical location, has a far reaching impact. It goes beyond ammunition, bullets and bombs, and the effects of war linger for a lot longer than its duration. Because even after it ends, the survivors still need humanitarian assistance and struggle with poverty, destroyed infrastructure, health implications, not to mention immense psychological implications. It not only wreaks havoc on people who are directly impacted by it, but spills over to the larger community in the form of trauma, mental health challenges, economic instability and a general breakdown of society. It essentially impacts everyone.


The recent highly mediatized Russia-Ukraine war is no exception, and while we sincerely hope that the loss of life will stop and that this war won't escalate further, we decided that it’s time that we act with a peace offering, the SeeAre Peace Initiative. 

What does it entail?


60 minutes listening, coaching or mentoring sessions per designated individual. Unlimited follow-up via WhatsApp/emails two weeks after the session. Apply as many times as you need during the crisis.


Who can benefit from it?


Any individual, groups or organization who is impacted by war anywhere in the world can benefit from it. Even if you are an entity who is in the middle of assisting someone caught in the middle of this crisis, you are eligible to apply. 


What will the session be about?


It will depend on what your needs are at the moment, like


  • Contingency planning of your company or department

  • Managing existing or needed resources for team members and/or civilians in view of different circumstances

  • Having a bubble of space for your morale, mental health, and fatigue 

  • Finding alternate solutions for unstable resources

  • anything else you may need, we will reach out to our network when needed


We have a wide range of competent team members and you will be matched with one based on your specific situation. SeeAre, with the help of our network, will support in whichever way we can based on the situation at hand. 


How much will it cost?


For the Peace Initiative, obviously nothing. 

How will the session be conducted?


It will be via Zoom or Whatsapp Calls.


I am interested, what now?


Let us know by filling out the application form HERE. Our team will get back to you at the earliest.


Even if you do not wish to join this initiative, should you know someone who could use some support, feel free to share this option with them.


Thank you in helping us being of service. 


Yours truly, 

The SeeAre team