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Managing Challenging People 

Duration: 1.5h

Format: online or face-to-face 

Possible languages: English, French

Managing challenging people already includes the assumption that the other person is challenging, even maybe difficult to manage. This assumption - whether true or not - will trigger a reaction from the person, which in turn will cloud the communication between the two parties making it even more difficult.

Any exchange with a person perceived as challenging or difficult means that this person does not accept our point of view, behaviours or actions and therefore the challenge. The manager is more easily in control of him/herself and his/her part in the communication than of the other person. By increasing his/her skills in assessing the points of friction, adapting his/her communication and actions accordingly, the chances of an effective outcome automatically increase.

During this 1.5 hours bite-sized workshop, the main intention is to give reference points in identifying on the spot the type of challenging employees, their unmet expectations causing the resistance and some tips on how to communicate more efficiently with them to overcome the barriers.

One more detail maybe...


This workshop has been run several times at Mediacorp in collaboration with Business Future Consulting. Click here to read the participants' feedback. To find out more on the workshop itself, click below. 


Understanding and Overcoming Challenges in Managing Up

Duration: 2h

Format: online or face-to-face

Possible languages: English, French

How many times did you hear the following: "People don't leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses"? 

For many people, the primary ingredient in job satisfaction is not the quality of work, nor the food at the pantry, nor the office layout. It isn't the workload, salary and/or benefits either. it is the relationship with their manager. 

Many employees feel powerless when it comes to handling their manager, while they can and should play an active role in creating the satisfying relationship they seek. 

This workshop is interactive and participative. Participants will be invited to reflect on the importance of managing up and practice the essential skills to do so. 


Image by Zdeněk Macháček

Trust & Communication

Duration: 2h

Format: online or face-to-face

Possible languages: English, French

When trust is in place, team members collaborate. They know they can rely on each other. Communication flows smoothly. They feel safe enough to take risks and consequently, the team becomes more effective. It is also a strong factor for employee's engagement and retention. 

However, without trust, a team is just a group of individuals, who will not share information, will not take responsibility, and won't cooperate with one another. Without trust, there is no way the team can deliver the expected results. 

How do you set the right foundations for trust? How can communication destroy your efforts in generating trust and how can it be used to support a trusting environment? 


This workshop is aimed at all managers and team leaders to understand what's needed to build a trustful environment and help members to feel safe and empowered to be the best version of themselves.


This topic became essential in a new reality of remote working since COVID-19. 


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