Life Long Learning at James Cook University

December 11, 2019


In collaboration with ODC, we went back to University. Not to learn this time - even though it is never a bad idea to go back to university - but to provide leadership development training to respectively employees and managers of James Cook University on the topic of "Achieving Customer Excellent through Personal and Team Effectiveness" 

We love to see that University staff walk their talk in wanting to keep a Life Long Learning mindset themselves. Happy to go back to University anytime! 

Bite-Sized Management with Mediacorp

October 02, 2019


SeeAre recently took part in 90-minute bouts of impactful learning on the topic of "Managing Challenging Employees - On the spot assessment and remedies" at Mediacorp.

During these short classes, people learned how their management styles can influence their communication, especially in crisis situations, and how it can clash with different types of personalities.

We wish to thank Lim Kai Hua and Mohd Bismillah for inviting us back, as well as our entrusted Business Partner Kok Rexanna, for a new adventure with Mediacorp.

SeeAre Gets Bigger!

September 26, 2019

- SeeAre NEWS -

SeeAre is GROWING yet again! And we are thrilled to announce that this month Gregory RASTELLO has joined our pool of Associate Coaches.

Gregory will support the ongoing growth of SeeAre's Coaching Department through his experience implementing organizational changes, as well as his extended knowledge of Asia (including but not limited to his mastery of Mandarin).

Currently based in Kuala Lumpur but regularly in Singapore, Gregory is our first Malaysia based Associate Coach, expanding the regional outreach of SeeAre further into South-East Asia.

You can find more on Gregory here:

Learning to Deal with Challenging Employees

September 17, 2019


Yesterday was the first series of a half-day workshop at Mediacorp Pte Ltd on "Managing Challenging Employees", in collaboration with Business Future Consulting Pte Ltd.

We were especially impressed at how open participants were in sharing their challenges and in questioning the way they usually handle situations with difficult employees. The workshop provided tools to assess the existing factors that create such challenges, as well as how to solve existing conflicts for a better ongoing relationship in the long run.

One of the key take-aways was that it takes two to tango; most of the time issues are about conflicting needs and wants.

We wish to thank Lim Kai Hua and Mohd Bismillah for welcoming us, as well as our entrusted Business Partner Kok Rexanna, for bringing us along on this adventure with Mediacorp.

Introducing Mediation to Law Students

August 04, 2019


We might even go so far as to say: " Mediation, a critical subject for law schools ".

A big thank you to Marcus Lim and Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) for inviting Carina Rogerio as a judge during the mediation competition.

The collaboration between SIMI and Carina in raising awareness about mediation to law schools began last year with 2-days of mediation training for students at Sorbonne-Assas International Law School at the INSEAD Campus, and we are particularly pleased to renew the process this year!

Cultural Exchange and Transformation in Paris

July 08, 2019


Last week Carina Rogerio was in Paris with Fabien Vacheret, Yan Froment and Thomas Cornand of Mazars - Alter & Go, spending a whole day working on cultural transformation in organisations through the exchange of knowledge, methodologies and experiences.


A lot of insights and fine-tuned approaches popped up during our meeting, making it a fun and fruitful collaboration, as well as a great learning experience. Looking forward to the manifestation of this collaboration in the near future!

Working with SIF to Upgrade Management Coaching

June 28, 2019


Last week, in collaboration with our business partner Organisational Development Concepts (ODC), Carina Rogerio spent two days at the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) working with managers and executives to revisit and/or upgrade their management skills through coaching.

Coaching is a mindset and a management skill, not a specific process to follow -  while making time to bring coaching into the organisation is useful, at the end of the day it is about using coaching as a means of managing the people you daily, helping them grow as part of your own leadership journey.

A warm thank you and big smiles to SIF, Anthony Ho Lian Yi and all the participants who welcomed the reality check and sought to experience a new way of learning!

Laying Foundations For Future Mediators

May 01, 2019


It's all too easy getting caught up in the hectic bustle that goes on around us - and it takes a conscious willingness to set aside time for what actually matters.

SeeAre strongly believes that we are the builders and creators of tomorrow and, as such, it is important to set aside time laying those foundations today.

It was our pleasure and honour to meet the future mediators of tomorrow, in collaboration with Singapore Management University and Singapore International Dispute Resolution Academy. Special thanks to Janet Checkley and Nadja Alexander for inviting Carina Rogerio to assist as a mediation coach, as well as to the Society of Mediation Professionals and Colin Millward for making everything run smoothly.


Investing the time and effort was so gratifying - and so worth it!

Shadow Studies: The Apple Way of Management Training

April 28, 2019


Last week Carina Rogerio had the privilege of being a "Shadow Trainer" for two days at Apple Singapore, in collaboration with Effective Training Associates, Inc. and regional corporate trainer, ODC.

Observing Jim Kennedy, who came all the way from San Francisco to use his decades of experience providing training to local Apple managers, was truly insightful!


Thanks to Anthony Ho Lian Yi, Pamela Figures and Jim Kennedy for the opportunity, as well as Xavier Lim for the good time as fellow trainers!

First Mediator Recommended By French Embassy

March 24, 2019


We are honoured to announce that Carina Rogerio, our in-house mediator, is the first to appear on the French Embassy's A-list of recommended corporate, commercial and family mediation professionals in Singapore. We wish to warmly thank the Embassy and the Consulate for their trust - as well as for sharing our common vision and interest in service to the community.


Nous sommes honorés de voir Carina Rogerio, notre médiateur chez SeeAre, être la première à figurer sur la liste de notoriété de l'Ambassade de France à Singapour pour les services de médiation d'enteprise, commerciale et familiale. Nous souhaitons remercier chaleureusement l'Ambassade ainsi que le Consulat pour leur confiance et le partage tant en terme de vision et intérêt communs à être au service d'autrui.

SeeAre in Sydney: Clients and Coaching in Australia

March 02, 2019


Hello, sunny Sydney!


A busy 3 days saw SeeAre in Australia, meeting with coaching clients and training communication skills with 24 people from hardware manufacturer Juniper Networks, in collaboration with management and leadership developer, ODC.

We love our clients and business partners - and even more so when we're surrounded by such an amazing city!

Carina Rogerio Judges at Singapore's First Mediation Advocacy Competition

February 26, 2020


It was an absolute honour for Carina Rogerio to be invited to sit on the jury of the very first Mediation Advocacy Competition in Singapore, organised by NUS Law and featuring students from NUS, Singapore Management University and Singapore University of Social Sciences.

As an advocate for alternative dispute resolution methods, passing the torch to a younger generation of lawyers is definitely something worth taking the time to do. And then to receive such a warm thank you email the next day, it just confirms that the future in mediation and law as a profession - with such hungry fellows - will surely be a bright one!


Thank you for letting us be a small part of that future and a witness to those ongoing changes. We're looking forward to seeing mediation grow in future, as a multitude of young and talented new lawyers step forward!

SeeAre Attends Global Legal Hackathon 2019

February 21, 2019


The Global Legal Hackathon 2019 is complete!

What a journey - filled with intensity, fun, hard work, creativity, laughter, courage and open-mindedness!

Our congratulations to the winning team, #AcidFyre, run by A. Jason Velez, Jonathan Quie, Pixie Cigar and co., with further congratulations to ALL the other participating teams.

It may not be easy to see in pictures, but over half of those taking part came as solo participants, while two teams comprised people who had to work together despite not having met each other before!

It was so insightful to see creation taking place at so many levels and we are deeply grateful to have been part of this incredible journey. Many thanks to the Singtel team, the fantastic jury, and of course Future Law Innovation Programme (FLIP). So much looking forward to what will come out of their juicy creations, for this was just delivering their babies: the journey has just begun!

Adrian Kwong, Daniel Chan, Megan Stokes, Amirul Hairi, Dipa Swaminathan, Rodney Yap, Paul Neo, Fadly Razali

First Collaboration Sorbonne Assas International Law School & SIMI

December 03, 2018


On 4th & 5th December, Singapore International Mediation Institute presented its first 2-day training event to the students of the Sorbonne Assas - International Law School.

SeeAre's Carina Rogerio had the tremendous privilege of being co-trainer alongside some of the biggest names in mediation regionally, namely Marcus Lim and Joel Lee.

As if this wasn't amazing enough, over those two days we had the crème de la créme in terms of professional mediators joining us for a panel discussion. Sean Lim handily provided his support to the mediation community as always.

Last but not least, we'd like to thank the Dean Stéphane Braconnier and Anais Doladille for welcoming us and for the awesome students from the Sorbonne Assas LLM, as well as guest students from the National University of Singapore.

It'd be hard to make it better, but we look forward to the next collaboration! 

Demystifying Business Development Through a Step-by-Step Approach

October 30, 2018


French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (FCCS) invited Carina Rogerio to run an interactive workshop on Business Development. Participants were invited to take two hours to go through their personal cases.

With the help of a structured framework and a questionnaire to identify what was holding back their business development progression, the participants found themselves able to identify specific actions needed for their particular cases.

At SeeAre we always emphasize a practical approach to solving problems and integrating experiential learning.

We would like to warmly thank FCCS for giving SeeAre this opportunity to create and present a hands-on approach to business development. It was our pleasure to see the attendees benefitting from it.

We look forward to more fruitful collaborations with FCCS!

For more information on the workshop, you may follow this link

SIMI Cohesion Night 2018

September 17, 2018


18th September was an opportunity to gather SIMI Mediators and friends from inside and outside Singapore for Cohesion Night. Based around the launch of a new book - Contemporary Issues in Mediation - it was also a time to be around people, food, drinks and games!

As mediators, we know that always pushing never works in the long run. Things sometimes flow better when you release the pressure.

Marcus Lim and Joel Lee provided a fabulous platform that evening, allowing us mediators to do just that and remind ourselves: work hard, play hard. Special thanks to them and all the existing and new friends made there!

Mission Cohesion: successfully completed. Ready for the next level! 

What We Learned at the Google Cloud Summit

September 12, 2018


In September the Google Cloud Summit was held in Singapore and SeeAre attended the presentation: "Transform How Team Work".

The last presentation was from AYAKA YAMADA on "People, Culture and Change Management".


Needless to say, we loved the presentation for its pragmatic and simple-to-use approach.


We also noticed the attending crowd. Throughout the day, roughly the same amount of people came - and all were engaged. For this last presentation, however, there were far more people coming over from the other ongoing presentations. We assume this means people are not only hungry for the latest technologies but also in finding out how to best transition and support teams in these times of change.


It is intrinsic to technology to constantly adapt to changes and welcome upgrades. Maybe technology will end up being the best analogy to translate this mindset the best into people's minds!

Ayaka finished her presentation with a quote from Charles Darwin which summarizes what we've been so far - and how we need to be to remain relevant. 

September 06, 2018

- SeeAre NEWS -

Three months to the day after the addition of Fizza to SeeAre's coaching team, we are pleased to announce and welcome Associate Coach Kim CHEA

Mainly based in Singapore, Kim will support the current growth of the coaching department. Bringing along a history of multicultural and international background, he will aid in the development of our face-to-face, online and overseas coaching services. 

By joining the team, SeeAre is once more expanding its coaching services, this time locally and internationally. Kim is also our first Singapore based Associate Coach, alongside Carina Rogerio

We hope you are as happy as we are to welcome Kim to SeeAre's team!

SeeAre Collaborating with SIMI for First Time at Singapore Polytechnic

September 02, 2018


Last Monday was the first time SeeAre collaborated with the Singapore International Mediation Institute.

And you know what? It was so much fun helping to train young people at Singapore Polytechnic about mediation and preparing them for resolving conflicts.


Oh yes, not to mention that these young people in the picture are co-chairs for the Youth Model ASEAN Conference!

The best thing? It was our first time - and it won't be our last. Stay tuned!

The stunning first collaboration between SeeAre and Future Law Innovation Programme (FLIP) by SAL took place recently, during which the Lawpreneur within every participant was unleashed!

It was pretty hands-on process, quick-paced, and about getting comfortable with favouring the doing vs the thinking when appropriate. 

We wish to warmly thank Noemie Alintissar for inviting us, Fadly Razali for organizing and Collision 8 for their venue. 

Looking forward to being in touch with the FLIP community again. It was so much fun - not to mention tasty (we can't resist red wine)!

Summary of SeeAre's FIRST Europe Tour

July 12, 2018

- SeeAre NEWS -

A picture sometimes says 1,000 words...


And we just want to say: thank you.

SeeAre in Germany for 1st time with Provinzial

July 10, 2018


SeeAre was delighted to be invited by Provinzial Platz&Schmitz in Bitburg to make a short presentation on coaching to some of their employees. 


Our delight only grew when, following the presentation, some of the team members declared they wanted to start a coaching project with SeeAre. 


Find out more about SeeAre Services by clicking below. 

2nd Profiling Workshop in Luxembourg-City, in English this time!

July 09, 2018


When SeeAre launched its first Profiling Workshop in Luxembourg in French, a lot of requests were made about a similar workshop in English. 

In under 10 days we managed to organize the requested workshop in the same awesome location in Luxembourg-City as on 26th June 2018. 

Thanks to all the attendees and the Youth Hostel for making it possible at such short notice!

Cela n'était pas initialement prévu or souvent les meilleures choses arrivent lorsque l'on s'y attend pas. 

Suite à l'Atelier Profilage à Luxembourg-Ville, nous avons été invité à proposer cela également sur Paris. Il nous était impossible de répondre par la négative et nous remercions infiniment le cabinet Lexington pour avoir mis à disposition leur sublime cabinet pour la tenue de cet atelier. 

Pour connaître nos prochains évènements, cliquez ci-bas. 

1e collaboration hors Singapour pour SeeAre avec Alter&Go - Groupe Mazars

July 02, 2018

- SeeAre NEWS -

SeeAre a eu l'honneur de donner une formation de 5 heures à des managers et formateurs professionnels d'Alter&Go du groupe Mazars en matière de profilage. 

Cela a été un plaisir de voir la curiosité, l'enthousiasme et l'engagement à apprendre de cette équipe. Nous souhaitons leur dire un GRAND merci. 

Pour un aperçu de l'ensemble de nos clients corporate, cliquez ci-bas. 

1e étape de la tournée européenne : Atelier Profilage à Luxembourg-Ville

June 25, 2018


Pour marquer le départ de la tournée européenne de SeeAre, nous avons eu la chance de trouver l'endroit idéal pour notre Atelier Profilage à Luxembourg-Ville. 

En nous y rendant, nous avons pu profiter de cette parfaite alliance d'histoire, nature et centre-ville offerte par la capitale luxembourgeoise. Difficile de ne pas prendre un moment pour profiter de la splendeur d'un tel endroit. 

Les participants, locaux et frontaliers, ont eu l'occasion de renouer avec cet endroit rarement fréquenté dans leur quotidien. L'atelier profilage a été l'occasion de voir de plus près ce que ces constats disent sur les uns et les autres. Une bonne entrée en matière. 

Pour connaître nos prochains évènements, cliquez ci-bas. 

The first session in SeeAre's contribution to businesses was somewhat different from the norm: a Business Accelerator Lab organized monthly by the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (FCCS)

As part of the panel of advisors, Carina Rogerio had the privilege of listening to the founders of PTGEM, a pioneer in bringing collected data to life through visualisations, thereby making the collected information more efficiently used. 

Thanks to the French Chamber for organizing and to the Chairmen of the Lab for having Carina among the panel of advisors!

June 13, 2018


It was with great excitement that SeeAre recently launched its Feedback & Leadership Workshop. 

Attendees were happy to receive a framework that was helpful in connecting the dots on what some knew instinctively. This framework made it easier to identify what is unsuccessful when communication isn't going smoothly. 

An especially meaningful moment for us was when when attendees asked where they could read more about that framework to go deeper. Our temporary answer: nowhere yet - it's totally new and we created it ourselves!

We definitely see the questions raised as an encouraging invitation for more workshops on Feedback and Leadership.

June 06, 2018

- SeeAre NEWS -

SeeAre is pleased to announce and welcome its newest member Fizza Rizvi, who joined the SeeAre team as Associate Coach. In this role, Fizza will support the current growth of the coaching department by bringing, in addition to her ICF certified coaching, her knowledge and experience as an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner. Being based in Perth, Australia, she will also aid in the development of our online and overseas coaching services. 

By joining the team, SeeAre is expanding in terms of types of coaching services provided.

It also marks the international expansion of our services: we have been supporting overseas clients in UK, Hawaii, France, Germany and Indonesia so far. By joining SeeAre, Fizza becomes our very first overseas-based associate coach. 

We hope you are pleased as much as we are to welcome Fizza to SeeAre's team!

FCCS Beach Cleaning - No Need To Be BIG To Do What's Right!

May 20, 2018

- SeeAre NEWS -

Thanks to French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (FCCS), the opportunity was given to anyone to take a morning to clean the beach.

At SeeAre we decided not to wait until we are big and have the "luxury" of spending some time doing a good deed, instead reminding ourselves that there is no better time to do the right thing than now. Here it came down to using our bodies to do what is right in one morning. We could do that - and we did!

The result of jumping in?

We met A LOT of fantastic people. We formed an awesome team with Carole EECKHAUTE. Maxime Vanderhaeghe and Nadege 明希 Claudel. Carole EECKHAUTE kept the mandatory log (our team accumulated 46kg of trash in an hour) and made sure we had photos to share (thank you!). Maxime Vanderhaeghe reminded us that no matter the tasks at hand, there is always an opportunity to have fun (cheers to that!) and he even saved a hermit crab from an unhealthy plastic home. Nadege 明希 Claudel demonstrated that persistence, even when debris is harder to get than expected, pays off!

Many thanks to the French Chamber for organizing and letting SeeAre serve as a grain of sand on a much larger beach. 


To see the full extent of our hard work and the fun we had, you can watch our video here!

SeeAre with INSEADers and SAILors On Cryptocurrency and Society

April 22, 2018


Last week Carina Rogerio had immense pleasure talking to INSEAD Executive Education and Sorbonne Assas International Law School about cryptocurrency.  Sagar Sarbhai from Ripple was the technical expert panellist, while Carina shared views on how cryptocurrency is and could (or migh not) impact upon economies and societies from a macro and societal perspective.

We would like to warmly thank Sagar and the students for keenly participating in this thought-provoking debate, leading to a number of as-yet-unanswered questions that will need next generation solutions.

With such willing students, the future is certainly in their hands and we are honoured to offer any support. 

Special thanks to 
Priyantika, André-Alexis, Galura and Anais for inviting me to join this panel during SAILors Day at INSEAD! 

SeeAre at TechLaw Fest 2018 in Singapore

April 05, 2018


The founder of SeeAre attended the Singapore's first-ever organized, 3-day TechLaw Fest recently, seeing all the changes currently happening in the provision of legal services and the legal profession. 

It was also an opportunity to communicate and exchange ideas (partially in Portuguese) with Andrew Arruda, CEO and Co-Founder of ROSS Intelligence.

This first edition of the event, organized by the Singapore Academy of Law and Corp, was a huge success and we look forward to the next TechLaw Fest. 

SeeAre Collaborating with ODC and Boustead Group on "Communicating for Success"

March 25, 2018


Founder of SeeAre, Carina ROGERIO conducted 2-days of training on "Communicating for Success" in collaboration with ODC (Organisational Development Concepts) and Boustead Group.

Carina Rogerio, Keynote Speaker on "How AI will interfere with the workforce" @ INSEAD

February 18, 2018


As a young (or perhaps less young!) professional you have to make it part of your journey to challenge yourself and embrace the need for lifelong learning.

BLBG organized an evening at INSEAD that focused on the future of the workforce.

The speakers - Anne Caron and Carina Rogerio - facilitated interactive sessions related to the impacts of people strategy and artificial intelligence on the workforce.

The event is co-hosted by the Europa/Asia club at INSEAD. The mix between Belgian/Luxembourg professionals and MBA students ensured significant added value for any participant.

The event was reserved for members only.