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Gregory Rastello

20 years of working experience in international Human Resources consulting firms in Asia and Europe demonstrate Gregory’s deep interest in people and organizational development. 

As a professional coach & consultant in leadership development and change management, his range of industries covers banking, finance, insurance, oil, automobile, technology, IT services, professional services, F&B, and retail.

Gregory has experience in coaching multi-cultural teams, developing cross-cultural intelligence and using the Cultural Orientations Framework (cultural profiling assessment). He regularly designs and delivers change management workshops and leadership development trainings for organizational transitions. 

He is certified in Hogan Assessment, Myer-Briggs Type Indicator, Action Learning Coaching, Co-active Coaching (CTI) and Systemic Constellations, among others. He is an Accredited Certified Coach under the International Coach Federation. 

In his coaching practice, Gregory focuses on taking a holistic approach to a person in order to generate sustainable solutions. He is a firm believer that individuals should consider their internal and external ecosystem when addressing a challenge, whereby effective interventions should combine both 'being' and 'doing' for thriving results.

Languages: French, English, Mandarin. 

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