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SeeAre Coronavirus Initiative

Below you will find an explanation about the SeeAre Coronavirus Initiative. However, if you are familiar with it and wish to apply straight away, you can do so by clicking directly below.  

Image by Glen Carrie

As we are aware, Coronavirus or Covid 19 as it is commonly called has had a significant impact on individuals and businesses all over the world. It has not only resulted in loss of human life worldwide but also caused major social and economic disruption. The impact ranges from millions of people being driven to poverty, increased pressure on an already struggling health system, border closures and trade restrictions and livelihoods impacted because of challenges faced by businesses, big and small


The combined mix of social, economic and health challenges has changed the world completely in these last two years.


SeeAre had launched a coronavirus circular support initiative during the early days of the pandemic, and one that is still running (and will do so as long as the pandemic lasts). Two years later, the challenges may look different but the scenario hasn’t eased up. And so, in line with our progression from Seeing to Supporting, here is what you need to know about our pandemic initiative. 

What does it entail?


One 60 minutes coaching or mentoring session per designated individual. Unlimited follow-up via WhatsApp/emails two weeks after the session. Apply as many times as you need during the pandemic.


Who can benefit from it?


Any individual or organisation who is impacted by the pandemic anywhere in the world can benefit from it. 


What will the coaching and/or mentoring be about?


It will depend on what your needs are at the moment, like


  • Revisiting the business strategy of your company or department

  • Managing remote workers in view of different circumstances

  • Addressing your team’s morale, mental health, and fatigue for better performance and staff retention

  • Redefining the expectations/deliverables as a leader during this pandemic

  • Aligning priorities of stakeholders

  • Finding alternate solutions for unstable cash-flow situation or to get back to healthy reserves

  • Deep sense of ongoing uncertainty (personal or professional)

  • Fear of not being able to deliver up to expectations

  • Finding a new job in an unfavourable market

  • Health concerns (physical, emotional, or mental) for self, family, or co-workers


We have a wide range of competent coaches/mentors and you will be matched with one based on your specific situation. We will support you in identifying what can be expected as an outcome for your session, depending on what you choose as a topic.


How much will it cost?


You decide!


Due to these ongoing challenging times, we aim to support as many as we can. And we would love to hear from you about the amount that works best for you.


The objective is to create a circular support system where all parties would benefit. We are committed to finding the most suitable coach/mentor for the situation you are facing. Each case will be assessed individually to ensure that the support system is truly circular and provides the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

How will the session be conducted?


It will be an online Zoom session conducted via audio/video conference.


I am interested, what now?


Great! Happy to hear this.


Just fill out the application form HERE. Our team will get back to you at the earliest.


Even if you do not wish to join this initiative, we thank you and wish you well. Should you know someone who could use some support, feel free to share this option with them.


Reach out and stay healthy - physically, emotionally, and mentally.


Yours truly, 

The SeeAre team

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