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Fair & United Coronavirus Circular Support

We are in this together.

Together we will overcome it. 

2020 was a historical year full of challenges for most people around the world. During these dire times, we've launched a special support initiative called the Fair and United Coronavirus Support, with the promise that this support would last as long as the Covid19 Virus itself. 

2021 the situation is still complex while the challenges aren't necessarily the same. 

Whoever (individual or organization) wishes to benefit from this support is being offered: 

  • 1 online coaching and/or mentoring session of 60 minutes per designated individual

  • unlimited follow-up via Whatsapp/emails during 2 weeks after the session. 

One can apply as many times as needed during the Coronavirus crisis. 

- Fees for such support? 

You tell us. 

Due to the global impact of the situation, there is no one size fits it all strategy when it comes to deciding on an amount. 

Our intention is to provide support to as many as we can right now. 

For more information, please click here

To hear what some people say about our initiative, follow this link

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