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About us

SeeAre embraces a variety of approaches to open up bespoke solutions.


Our stand is that our clients are not to be convinced by the relevance of our services; it is about us adapting our ways to our client's needs and situations.

SeeAre, your partner to enable change. "When you See, you Are"

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SeeAre was founded based on the verified belief that a variety of experiences and skillsets facilitate an eagle-eye approach: it is about seeing in-depth and the big picture to determine the current position in order to choose the appropriate strategy to achieve the goal.

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Meet our team whose common factors are being of diverse backgrounds while having similar values and standards.

It is often our individual differences that enable us to have a well-rounded approach and often to become a bridge between what is and what could be. 


No doubt that the world is going through challenging times.
And in such times it is important to offer a helping hand whenever possible and we can only solve the issues the world is facing through collective effort and support.

The intention of our initiatives is just that: help each other in tough times.


“ SeeAre's wide range of expertise was extremely useful to help us unlock some discussions and give us more clarity on our business direction. We felt positively recharged and equipped with the tools to move ahead with our projects!  ” 

Cloé FAYE, Co-Founder and Creative Director of ielo design 

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